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At RES Jaipur, it's our belief that every student can achieve excellence in an atmosphere that is both encouraging and challenging. We strive to provide holistic growth along with the efficiency and vibrancy of an experienced teaching staff. The school is child centric and provides a child friendly ambience.
The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (1730830), India.  The school offers the best resources and facilities for students to develop their full, all-round potential. Our high standards and academic excellence groom our students to be responsible citizens of the world.

Dr Baharul Islam

Principal’s Message

Welcome to RES Jaipur – one of the best school. We endeavour to provide opportunities for students to push their limits and grow in any field of their interest. With a strong academic base, we also focus on enhancing every student's creativity through the arts, music, writing, theatre and dance. Through technology, math and science, students gain skills to navigate the world, experiencing ample opportunities to explore their own talents, interests and passions.
Our education programme is underpinned by our core values, so that our students develop leadership qualities with a global outlook, and principles that are essential in making them responsible citizens of the world.

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Each child is different, and at RES, Jaipur we understand this and provide the young scholars with the ideal learning environment.

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We are a leading operator of K-12 institutions across India

With a focus on an innovative, student-centered approach to learning, we believe the best education takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. We are deeply committed to quality, well-rounded, affordable education based on the three critical cornerstones of Academic Excellence, Operational Excellence and Health, Safety & Child Protection combined with a full suite of best-in-class extra-curricular activities.

Captain Chauhan Farm, Captain Chauhan Marg,
Kalyanpura (Near Dadu Dayal Nagar),
Jaipur - 303029

+91 9024645566