Student Life @ Ryan Edunation School Jaipur: Know Culture and Activies for Students with Learning

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student life

15 Books Campaign

15 Books campaign is an initiative to have students read more and to create a culture of reading in our school. The campaign unites the whole school around reading, this means that students, teachers and office staff read books and talk about them. The campaign has specific guidelines to ensure that a reading culture is created and a student’s love for reading is fostered. Students are allowed to select books based on their personal interest, which they can read independently.

Written Expression

Introduces the nuances of writing and encourages students to collaborate and create their own written texts for a variety of purposes. Students are encouraged to explore writing as a passion, hobby and a possible career option

Word Of The Day

Everyday a new word is taught in the class to improve students’ vocabulary.

Sports & Wellness

  • >Activities like – Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Badminton are offered to students as optional sports. Our students are trained by an experienced coach.
  • >Edusports: Our sports curriculum is curated by our sports training partner- Edusports. Edusports ensures that all students build the essential skills required to pursue any sport during the academic session.
  • >Yoga: is taught at our school to all the classes to improve their mental health.
  • >Health Camps: Students are mandated to participate in health check-ups to maintain their health.

Art & Cultural

Dance Classes: Pearson Jaipur offers contemporary, western jazz and tap dance along with other forms as per the requirements of students. These lessons are conducted under the guidance of proficient dancers. Similarly, various music classes are imparted to students by expert music teachers.
Visual Art: Our school offers painting, drawing, art & craft training to students. These are conducted under the guidance of professional experts.



Students are taught how design, construct, programme and manoeuvre a robot. This helps improve cognitive growth and deepens the understanding of fundamental math and science concepts

Trips & Excursions

Students are taken out to experience the real world. Industry / Factory visits are conducted to give the students real life experiences. Pre-primary students are taken to visit supermarkets, zoos, parks, planetariums, etc.

Parents Connect

Parent Orientation Program:
This program connects parents with teachers at the beginning of every academic year. Aim is to familiarize the parent with the academic year and details of the curriculum & extra curriculum

Parent Engagement Seminar:
School conducts parenting sessions to all the parents. Objective is to engage the existing parent community in nurturing them to become smart parents and develop parent’s skills towards managing effective parenting. Sessions are categorized on basis their wards standard. Typically for pre-primary parents session like dealing with toddler tantrums will be more useful and for higher secondary students topics like – How to handle peer pressure will help them to manage childs expectation.

PTA Association:
School constitutes a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) committee with the objective to foster mutual understanding, harmonious relationship and cooperation among, Parents, guardians and teachers for the welfare of school and the students. The PTA committee is constituted of Parents and Teachers of Grade I – X. The parents will be asked to nominate themselves through the circular and the consent form sent along with the students. To choose the parent representatives in a democratic way, PTA elections will been conducted

Transport Committee:
Parents are invited to join the transport committee, this committee ensures the transport used by the school is practicing safety measures on a day to day basis. Parents are given a checklist to check the bus safety measures and rate the transport system

HSS Committee :
Parents are invited to join the Health, Safety & Child Protection committee. This committee ensures to do audit on a monthly basis.